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Build your bot, configure its operations, and track its success on an zero-code chatbot platform.

Our chatbot is a conversational artificial intelligence service that allows individuals to engage with digital gadgets in the same way as they would with a real person. It employs proprietary machine-learning capabilities to anticipate overall meaning and extract meaningful, detailed information from a user's conversational, natural language writing. Improve your customer service experience in weeks rather than years. Your virtual assistant will be educated using 100,000s of industry-specific conversations to handle your most labor-intensive customer support demands from day one.

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Conversational AI

Provide excellent customer experience anytime, anywhere OCTABOT uses artificial intelligence to understand the context of customers to provide fast, consistent and accurate answers across any application, device or channel. Work with a trusted AI leader to eliminate the frustration of long waiting times, tedious searches, and useless chatbots.



Our chatbot has a wide range of topics, and it can recognize all of them. Give your clients truly accurate and complete answers through a solid understanding of the topic, intelligent AI-powered research, and human agent delivery.


Get your questions answered with real-time Natural Language Processing (NLP) in a blink of an eye. Effective and personalized interactions, including wealthy media, provoding a high level of efficiency.

"No limitations, no complications, no code required Build and launch a highly intelligent AI-powered virtual agent within minutes without writing a single line of code."


Continue the conversation using AI that adapts to the needs of the customer and does not interrupt the conversation even if it deviates.


You can create a better customer experience without a computer science degree. You can create a dialog using the drag-and-drop interface and get started in minutes. Then customize your chatbot for your brand, just copy and paste it into your website.



Guarantee your customer experience by integrating with various channels and back-end systems to complete your experience. The robust integration of our chatbot allows you to answer questions, execute transactions, and make your customers reach to the agents you need.


OCTABOT has considerable security, scalability, and flexibility, is designed to understand several writing languages ​​and be used globally.


A system that can understand and respond to a new topic in any language with only a handful of example sentences. Deep learning models automatically adapt to your business' domain based on the sentences you provide as training data. Knows when not to answer Irrelevance detection models help the system know when to securely ""log in"" or when to hand over to auxiliary documents or a human agent.

Recognize simple language responses The powerful entity detection model can recognize simple language responses from customers, such as synonyms, date, time, numbers, etc. Don't ask verbose questions.
Reduce frustration by using the information collected in previous requests to skip steps and streamline conversations.
Handling vague requests, incorrect words, and misunderstandings. Provide natural, flowing conversation.


Intent Recommendations

Our chatbot uses machine learning to help identify clusters of topics that are not recognized in existing logs and prioritize topics that you add to your system as new topics.

Entity Recommendations

Existing topics may require more diverse training examples. For this reason, Watson Assistant recommends phrases that need to be added to existing topics.

Resolving Intent Conflicts

Automatically detects potential duplication of training data and alerts you if there is anything that could affect your assistant's performance.

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